Camp Aquehonga / TMR

Located in Narrowsburg, NY, 135 miles northwest of New York City,

Camp Aquehonga (or AQ) is part of the Ten Mile River (TMR) Scout Camp Complex. Over 12,000 majestic acres provide a unique camping and wilderness experience for the Scouts. Mountain biking, cliff rappelling, boating on Half Moon Lake and swimming in an Olympic size pool with a three-story slide are just some of the activities here. Troop 71 makes its home at Campsite 10 across from the sports field. Scouts practice patrol cooking at Camp Aquehonga, as there is no dining hall, or enjoy pre-cooked dinner served out of "heater stacks".  And check out some great history below!

Troop 71 will be attending Camp Aquehonga (AQ): July 28 to August 3, 2019 (Sun. to Sat.)

    DEADLINES (earlier is appreciated):

Provide the above to ASM Simone. Once the Scout is registered with the camp, payment is not refundable.


T71 What To Bring / AQ What to Bring

Merit Badge Registration Form

AQ Merit Badge Schedule & MB Prerequisites

(First year Scouts are offered the New Camper Program (see Guide p. 68) and are strongly encouraged to take the Swimming MB.)

AQ Leader & Parent Guide

AQ Menu (we are week 4)

AQ Map


A Blast From TMR's Past!

Enjoy some TMR history by checking out these classic brochure pages from the 1940s and two old waterfront photos. Although the cost has changed, the excitement and fun hasn't!  Also shown are staff photos from 1951 and 1972.  Recognize anyone? (Hint: #5)