Troop Management Forms

Senior Patrol Leader Application

This application is for the Senior Patrol Leader, which is the top leader of the Troop.

Troop Meeting Agenda

This form is used by the Patrol Leaders Council to set the agenda for each month's Troop meetings.

Board of Review Record

This form is used by the adult Board of Review to record Scout advancement.

Patrol Roster

This form is used by the Scouts to set up their Patrols at the first meeting in September.

Outing/Event Tracking Log

This form is used to keep track of information for various outings or events.

Attendance & Uniform Inspection Log

This form is used by the Scribe to keep track of attendance and/or uniform inspection

Expense Form

This form is used to submit receipts for reimbursements to the Troop Treasurer.

Health Record Worksheet

This form is required when submitting health forms to the Troop.

Merit Badge Registration Form

This form is used to select merit badges for summer camp.

Khaki Chef Competition Grading Sheet

Troop Meeting Scout Advancement Log

Eagle Scout Biography Worksheet

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Onteora Tent Assignment