Whitewater Rafting

The world-famous Lehigh River Gorge in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains is home to one of the most popular whitewater rafting trips in the country!  Here, Troop 71 enjoys a close-to-home adventure that feels a world away!  Awesome wilderness scenery and exciting, fun-filled rapids combine for a picture-perfect outdoor day. We laugh. We scream. And we soak ourselves silly!  Absolutely no experience needed!

The Adventure Campground at Whitewater Challengers offers convenient, comfortable access to Adventure Center activities like whitewater rafting, biking, paintball and kayaking in and around the Lehigh River Gorge State Park. Camping sites and rustic bunkhouses are just a few minutes' stroll from the rafting check-in area, food service, retail store, and other Adventure Center facilities and activities.

This trip is appropriate for all Scouts.  Cars are parked at the campsite, bathrooms and showers are walking distance, food is provided at the dining center, supply/gift shops and snack bars are on site and evening activities and entertainment are available.

2017 Trip

Our Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River outing is on 5/13-14.  This has been one of most popular trips. It's $95 per person, which includes the rafting, camp fees, dinner, and breakfast, but not the wetsuit rental of about $20 more paid on site at the time of the rental.

We'll raft from about 12:30 - 3:30 on Saturday (with a stop off to eat our bagged lunches on the riverbank) and then hang out at the camp site facilities where they will serve us dinner.  We'll have a campfire, basketball court, playing field for soccer / frisbee, and arcade games.  In the past there has been other entertainment on the campground including a DJ, magician and outdoor movie. It's car camping at its best as you can park right at our camp site with plenty of nearby bathrooms/showers.  It is about a three-hour drive from Manhasset and we plan to leave around 7:30 am and anticipate arriving back in Manhasset around 12:30 pm on Sunday.

This rafting is nice because it's challenging without being too rigorous, so doable for younger Scouts.  The river bank areas are scenic and totally undeveloped.  The water is surprisingly cold and doubtless the boats will be fully armed with water spraying devices (so rent a wetsuit).  


Mike Gawley: (516) 205-2640

Permission Slip & $95 fee due at the 4/27 Troop meeting.


What to Bring:

Your vehicle will be right on our site, so no packs necessary.

Address / Directions (feel free to route yourself)



MORE TRIP DETAILS: Please visit www.whitewaterchallengers.com, click on "Lehigh River" and then click on the Activity you've reserved: either Rafting, Biking, ZipLining, Paintball, etc. If you're rafting, also click on the "FAQ's" link -- Frequently Asked Questions.

HOW LONG IS YOUR RAFTING TRIP?: It's hard to be precise, because trip lengths vary from day to day, based on temperatures, wind speed, weather conditions, river flow, and the group itself. We usually say 3-4 hours on the river, and 5-6 hours overall, but please let everyone know that any trip can last longer or shorter than the stated range of "normal" times.

HOW ROUGH IS THE WATER?: This also varies from day to day, depending on recent rainfall, discharges from the dam, the effect of downstream tributaries, and so on. On any given day, the largest rapids might be Class II, Class III, or in rare instances, Class IV.

SAFETY: Nothing is more important to us than your safety. We urge you to watch the Whitewater Rafting Safety Video on our web site, especially if there are any youngsters in your party. Encourage THEM to watch, and to take our online Whitewater Safety Quiz, too.

TIMELY ARRIVAL: Our trip times are strictly regulated by the state, so we usually can't wait for late arrivals. Be sure everyone arrives no later than your stated "Arrival Time."

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: We caution against relying on GPS or Internet mapping services because they sometimes provide faulty information. Precise and accurate driving directions are available on our web site. Go to www.whitewaterchallengers.com, click on "Lehigh River," then click on "Driving Directions." From Interstate 80, Exit 273, you'll want to go west on Rt 940 for 1/2 mile; then turn left onto Lehigh Gorge Drive; go 4.8 miles; then turn right onto Buck Mountain Road; go 1 mile; then turn right onto North StageCoach Road; go 300 yards to our entrance on the right.

PROPER FOOTWEAR: Flip-flops, loose-fitting sandals, "crocs" and bare feet are not permitted on the river. Old sneakers are the best. Sturdy sandals (like TEVA's) are acceptable. Appropriate footwear can be purchased or rented at our Rafting Center.

WHAT NOT TO TAKE IN YOUR RAFT: Leave dry clothes and towels in your car for after the trip. Don't take in your raft any valuables, keys, coolers, alcohol, glass containers, pets, or cameras that aren't waterproof. Car keys may be left at the Rafting Center.

WHAT TO WEAR & BRING: You WILL get wet. On warmer days, a swim suit or T-shirt and shorts are fine. Sunscreen and a visor or brimmed hat are always a good idea. In cooler weather a windbreaker is useful. Avoid cotton, especially sweat shirts and sweat pants, which will actually make you colder. Paddling jackets and wet suits can be rented at the Rafting Center. One driver's license is required for up to six rentals. If wearing glasses, be sure to secure them with reliable glass-straps.

RAFT GROUPINGS: Organize your group into rafting teams (usually 6 or 7 per raft) before you get to the river. Make sure there's at least one adult in each raft.

RIVER LUNCHES: At the Lehigh, you're welcome to bring a light lunch (no alcohol, glass bottles or coolers) or you can order box lunches in advance, at a discount, from us. Advance lunch orders must be placed, as a group, at least 2 days before your trip. (Be sure to pick up your reserved lunches at the Rafting Center BEFORE you board the shuttle bus to the river.) Each raft includes a 5-gallon water-tight container for your food. Sometimes we can accommodate last minute orders at the snack bar.

BREAKFAST & DINNER: Meals are served most days, but advance reservations are recommended (which Troop 71 will make). Dinner hour lasts until about 1/2 hour after the last group returns to the Rafting Center.

SOUVENIR PHOTOS: We try to capture a photo of each raft in the rapids. You can purchase these at our Rafting Center after the trip. Or order them online after you get home.

WATERPROOF HI-DEF VIDEO CAMERAS: What a great way to document your adventure! Be sure to post your video on YouTube, or FaceBook, or just send it to your friends.

OUTFITTER SHOP: Our outfitter shop carries souvenir shirts and caps, and an assortment of items you might want or need for your trip. Take a moment to browse, before and after your tour.

WAIVER FORMS: Waiver forms must be completed by each individual, for the adventure activities we offer. These forms can be found on our web site (whitewaterchallengers.com) and completed in advance, if you wish. Blank forms are also available at the Rafting Center.