Vincent Tomaselli Eagle Project (2014)

My Eagle Scout Project was to transform a room on the second floor of the Barn in the Science Museum of LI into an Anthropology Viewing Room to study artifacts donated by the Museum of Natural History.  I chose this project because I always knew I wanted my Eagle Project to be something involving construction and renovation.   The Science Museum was an easy choice since I spent many hours there as a young boy- from classes to Cub Scout Badges to class trips.  I have many fond memories from my experiences at the Museum and I wanted to give back to the younger children who are now participating in the Museum activities.

There were many phases in this project: Demolition, Insulation , Electrical,  Sanding Windows, Sheetrocking, Taping and Spackling, Priming, Painting,  Floor Re-polishing and clean up every step of the way!

Upon project approval, I began to solicit donations.  I went before 2 groups to present the work at hand.  I also asked family and friends to help.  I followed up with letters for donations.  I also went to Home Depot where I was lucky enough to speak to a manager who was an Eagle Scout himself!  He was very generous with the donation of supplies. 

With each phase there was a new trip to Home Depot.  Each phase presented a lot of work.  The most difficult phase was taping and spackling.  I discovered I wasn’t very good at it.  I was happy to see that I was able to learn quickly for the other phases as well as for taping and spackling.

In the end, I was so happy to see the outcome and to see the happiness in the faces of the Museum Director as well as the employees.  I alone put in 137 hours of work at the Museum. I know that sometime soon many children and adults will also be able to use this newly renovated room.  The added bonus is that I learned many important skills that will serve me well when I own my own home in the future.

The Museum Director was so pleased that he and his staff organized a Luncheon on the museum grounds.  Many local dignitaries came.  I was so honored that everyone took the time to come to thank me! 

Here is a YouTube video link that I created so that you may see a short summary of my Eagle Scout Project or go to YouTube and search for Vincent Tomaselli’s Eagle Project

Facebook project photo album

Facebook dedication ceremony photo album

Before and After photos: