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The dedicated and talented training team of Shelter Rock District strongly urges all adult leaders, regardless of their position in the Troop, and parents who plan to attend camping trips to attend the Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster training course, the Troop Committee Challenge training course, and the Outdoor Leader Skills training weekend (at Schiff Scout Reservation) as part of their Scout Leader Training. A Troop is most successful when its leaders “cross-train” and attend all three training sessions.

If you haven't been involved in Scouting, you may think that the whole organization is the Scoutmaster and the boys. The truth is, the success of the troop depends on a lot of adult volunteers who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. The Troop Committee is like a steering committee of volunteers who actually handle the business end of running the troop.  These Troop Committee and Scoutmaster courses have been combined so Scoutmasters and Committee members know what the other is supposed to do.

NOTE: ANY PARENT ATTENDING A CAMPING TRIP OR ANY OTHER OUTING MUST COMPLETE "YOUTH PROTECTION" TRAINING.  This can easily be completed in roughly thirty minutes through the BSA's online training center. Simply scroll down to Youth Protection training and following the steps, including registration with the BSA.

And remember, nothing happens in Scouting unless someone volunteers.

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