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Quick Tips on Medical Forms

PLEASE review and abide by the following before submitting medical forms.

1.    Use the Correct Health/Medical Form
  • For ordinary overnight/weekend camping or annual Troop activities, only Parts A&B are needed. For long-term/summer camping (over 72 hours or particularly strenuous), Parts A,B & C are needed. (Even if staying at summer camp only a few days, please supply Part C.) Only Part C must be completed by a doctor.  And some camps and high adventure activities require extra forms and special information.
  • Visit the Health Records page for the form you need. 
  • The Troop will maintain the completed form for one year.
2.    Understand the M.D. Physical Timing
  • Campers need not necessarily have a new physical for Part C.  As long as they had a physical within one year of the last day of the trip, the camp can rely on the prior physical. So, if your current Part C is dated within 12 months of the last day of the trip, no need for a new one.  Please explain this to the doctor, as many think they have to perform another physical whenever completing Part C.
  • If Part C will be delayed because a new physical is needed (#7 below), however, let the leader know before the deadline when Part C will be available.  
3.    Complete the Forms
  • All sections need to be completed. If something requires filling out info, checking a box or signing, then fill out the info, check the box and sign.
  • In the section at bottom of Part A asking who is authorized to take your son to/from an event, put the name and number of a leader attending and/or the adult who will be driving the Scout (if you know).  Don't list just anyone and don't list the parents.
  • Part B is two pages
  • For "Council Name/No." put Theodore Roosevelt #386; for "Unit No." put 71, and for "Unit Leader" put the Scoutmaster's name and cell phone number.
  • Immunization records (for end of Part B) can be attached.
  • In the middle of the second page of Part B where it asks about non-prescription medication: if there are no restrictions, check "YES" and write "none" on the line and sign; if there are restrictions, check "NO" and put those restrictions on the line and sign.
4.    Include Copy of Insurance Card
  • Medical forms are not complete without a copy of the front and back of the camper's insurance card attached.  Please include this for each set of forms supplied.
5.    Submit Proper Number of Copies
  • Submit ONE COPY of health form for the Troop PLUS ONE COPY FOR EACH CAMP ATTENDING (e.g., one camp = 2 copies; two camps = 3 copies. (This is another good reason for making sure they are complete.)
  • Staple or paperclip each set with other documentation as needed on the Worksheet.
6.    Keep the Original or a Copy for Yourself
  • Self-explanatory.  Or skip this if you want to go through this process again in the event we lose your form, you didn't supply enough copies or you need the form for an event outside the Troop.  And having a copy makes it very easy to find the information for next year.  Also, these are writable PDF forms that can be saved, making it easy to update them each year.
7.    Meet Deadlines
  • BSA camps are very strict about medical forms and review them thoroughly before and upon arrival.  So, to avoid any issues, leaders take the time to review the forms for all the campers before the trip and usually set aside time to do all of them at once.  It's very inconvenient if they have to do it again for late forms. But, the leader has the right to refuse late forms.  So, please get the forms in on time, making any necessary doctor's appointments early. (Suggestion: if no physical is needed [#2 above], bring Part C to the doctor with a self-addressed stamped envelope for return to you.)
  • NOTE: If the leader rejects late forms, that camper will have to bring the forms to camp for review at check in and, if necessary, correct any deficiencies at that time. If the camper cannot get what is missing/needed at that time (remember, it's a weekend), the camp will have no choice but to send the camper home.  Thus, it's in the camper's best interest to get the forms in on time and have them reviewed by the leader for completeness.
8.    Ask Questions If Unsure
  • It's better to email the leader with questions than submit incomplete/incorrect forms.  If, after reviewing the information provided on this website, you cannot find an answer to your question, contact the Scoutmaster or other relevant adult/leader.

Thank you