Troop Soup

Here you will find links to various cooking recipes and techniques for camping.  If you know of a good recipe or useful cooking site, please email it to the Scoutmaster.

Camping Recipes:
Boy Scout Trail

Gluten Free Recipes:

Troop Favorites:
Antelope/Beef Stew
(same as venison, but with antelope)

Khaki Kitchen Competition
  • Multiple Patrols
  • One cooking stove per patrol
  • Identical assortment of utensils, serving plates, mixing bowls, spices, olive oil spray, water, paper towels, pots, pans, skillets, and the like

Each patrol
  • receives a box of assorted ingredients without prior knowledge of contents
  • has 1 hour 15 minutes to turn those ingredients into a main course/entree and dessert
  • must use all the ingredients, but need not use up all the ingredients
  • may use whatever else is available to them personally, including campfires
  • must have a name for their dishes
  • is responsible for wiping clean the various pots and utensils for later cleaning
  • will be judged for presentation, creativity, taste and teamwork