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New Scout Orientation

1. Our Troop
  • Troop (Unit) 71, Plandome, NY
  • Theodore Roosevelt Council / Shelter Rock District
2. Leadership
    A.    Scout Leadership
  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL)
  • Patrol Leader: leads Patrol of Scouts
  • Troop Guides: guide new Scouts with transition into Troop
  • Other Positions of Responsibility
  • Practice Patrol Method
    B.    Adult Leadership
  • Scoutmaster
  • Assistant Scoutmasters
3. Advancement: Two main ways to advance
    A.    RankScout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle
  • Each rank has requirements located in the Scout Handbook
  • Read the materials for each requirement and "be prepared" to do as instructed with Scout or Adult Leaders
  • Get requirements signed off: Star, Life and Eagle can only be signed off by Scoutmaster; all other rank requirements can be signed off by Senior Patrol, Troop Guides, Instructors, Patrol Leaders (First Class or above only), Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters
  • Once requirements are done, ask Scoutmaster for Conference and Board of Review a week before Advancement Night
  • Awarded at Court of Honor
  • Family members cannot sign off
  • Ask for assistance from leaders
  • Keep track of camping, events and service
    B.    Merit Badges
  • Over 130 covering variety of different topics
  •  21 badges needed for Eagle Rank (including 13 required badges)
  • Can be earned anytime; on own, at council or summer camp
  • The Blue Card: ask Scoutmaster for blue card and Merit Badge Counselor contact info
  • Awarded at Court of Honor
4. Troop Activities

    A.    Troop Meetings
  • Thursdays, 7:30 - 8:45 when public school open
  • Opportunity to work on ranks, practice skills, play games, compete, watch presentations, etc.
  • Check weekly agenda; Service Patrol duties
  • Bring Scout Handbook
  • Attendance taken
    B.    Camping
    C.    Community Service
  • Announced throughout year
  • Often Eagle Service Projects
    D.    Other Events
  • Annual Dinner, Day Hikes, Museums, High Adventure, etc.
5.    Miscellaneous
  • Scout Handbook: label inside and out; get cover; bring to meetings; read ahead
  • Scout Binder: keep track of Rank and Merit Badge cards in clear slots
  • Uniform: Class A vs. Class B; wear neckerchief over collar; how not to lose slide
  • Practice skills always
  • Borrow gear if need be; label gear and clothes with permanent marker
  • Do for yourself, but get help from Scouts
  • Check website (www.plandometroop71.com)