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Alpine Scout Camp

Alpine Scout Camp is located in the heart of Alpine, New Jersey and is only 10 miles north of the George Washington Bridge. It offers short term camping to Scouts and has a large selection of facilities to suit a group's needs -- everything from small tenting sites to a large conference center which can sleep over 40.

Every weekend from September to June the Alpine Scout Camp hosts a large number of events: District Camporees, Wintorees, Klondike Derbies, and Regional and National Conferences. Also, Alpine offers a large range of weekend activities like Archery, compass courses, and various in/out of camp hiking trails. The Gary I. Laermer Activity Center includes a 24' indoor and 32' outdoor Climbing Wall and a brand new Low Cope Course.

Alpine is appropriate for all Scouts and usually new Scouts' first camping trip with the Troop where they will earn their Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit. There is a short hike from the parking lot to the campsite, potable water and picnic tables are onsite and bathrooms/showers are a short distance from the campsite.
Troop 71 Left A Trace (but, with permission)

During a visit in April 2013, Troop 71 created a permanent one-mile compass/orienteering course at the Camp by installing markers (photos below) throughout the camp and calculating compass angles and distances as a reference for future visitors to the course.

We will be camping at Alpine on April 25- April 26.

Our first-year Scouts will be trained on how to safely build a campfire, use a pocketknife and work in an ax yard.

The rest of the Scouts may conquer the 32' high outdoor climbing wall or participate in other activities, including an orienteering program to fulfill First Class Rank requirements (participating Scouts MUST have a baseplate/orienteering compass [look it up if unsure]).  Also, Patrols will compete in our Seventh  Annual Khaki Chef Competition (judged by the new Scouts) for the coveted prize of a tray of fudge brownies freshly baked in a cardboard box oven!  There also will be free time, campfire skits and a flag retirement ceremony.

  • All participants must bring a bag lunch for Saturday.
  • EACH PATROL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING ITS OWN DINNER/DESSERT TO COOK ON SATURDAY NIGHT. The adults will not supply Scouts with dinner.   That means each Patrol ahead of time should figure out what they will eat, purchase the food and bring it.  Coolers with ice will be provided in the morning before we leave and taken in the trailer, along with cooking gear (grills, stoves, pots/pans, utensils).  EACH PATROL HAS A $30 BUDGET FOR DINNER/DESSERT and the Patrol Leader is to handle the reimbursement with the SM.  Scouts may not bring individual meals for themselves (unless there's an allergy issue), but will cook in Patrols.
  • Sunday breakfast will be provided for everyone but cooked by the Scouts.
$25 per person (check payable "BSA Troop 71") and Permission Slip for Scouts AND adults due by 3/14.

What to Bring:
Treat this as a regular camping trip, but cars will be a 10-min walk away. The weather may vary so check before you leave and pack accordingly.  Here's what you need:
  • Scout Spirit
  • frame pack (Troop has several to loan) - personal items must be carried in/on frame pack
  • floored tent with rain fly (Scouts can sleep in their own tent or make tenting arrangements with another Scout; the Troop has tents to loan.)  LIMIT TWO SCOUTS PER TENT.  NOTHING LARGER THAN 3-PERSON TENTS FOR SCOUTS.
  • sleeping pad/roll
  • sleeping bag/camping pillow
  • water bottle (filled) w caribiner
  • sunscreen
  • mess kit w/ utensils (Scouts only)
  • flashlight/headlamp w/ fresh batteries
  • personal toiletries (including 1/2 roll toilet paper)
  • compass
  • poncho/rain gear
  • hiking boots/hiking socks
  • Scout pants/shorts/Class B shirt
  • fleece top/jacket/windbreaker
  • change of clothes & extra socks (in ziplock bags)
  • warm clothes to sleep in
  • OPTIONS: camping chair (recommended), frisbee/football/soccer ball
We will meet at our usual LIRR parking lot across from the Plandome Country Club at 7:30 am on Saturday morning (4/25).  Please be prompt.  We will depart Alpine late Sunday morning so should arrive back in Manhasset by midday.  We should all leave the site together on Sunday.  Please no leaving early without prior approval.  Parents are welcome, but not required, to join us, although we may at least need some drivers.

Address & Directions:
441 US Highway 9W
Alpine, NJ 07620
  • Cross Island Parkway to Throgs Neck Bridge to George Washington Bridge (UPPER level)
  • First exit on right in New Jersey - Palisades Pkwy N
  • Travel about 9 miles to Exit 3 on LEFT towards Rt 9W
  • Follow exit around onto Palisades Pkwy S.  About 1/10 mile turn right into Alpine Scout Camp
  • We are staying at Slater 12 & 13 sites, so park in the lot across from main building near the entrance and we will coordinate a carpool a bit further up to the next lot.
SM Marijan Bernic: 516-655-1744