On 01 Jan 2016, new requirements will go into effect. Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and adult Scouters associated with those groups should continue to use the current requirements until that time. After that point, transition will be according to the following schedule (all posted requirements and rules may be revised until Jan):

Boys joining on or after  Jan. 1, 2016  MUST use the new requirements.

Boys who have joined prior to Jan. 1, 2016:
  • Who are working on the Scout badge MAY continue to work on the existing requirements, but MUST convert to the new requirements upon completion of the Scout rank (it will be a true rank at that point).
  • Who are working on Tenderfoot through First Class MAY continue to work on the existing requirements, but MUST convert to the new requirements upon attaining First Class.
  • Who have completed First Class MAY complete the rank they are currently working on in the existing requirements, but then MUST convert to the new requirements for subsequent ranks.
As of 01 Jan 2017, all Scouts MUST use the new requirements regardless of rank.

Click a rank to be directed to its requirements, which are also available in the Scout Handbook.  Also see the BSA Guide to Advancement.  THE NEW RANK REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT YET LINKED BELOW.

Rank requirements for Star and above may be signed-off ONLY by the Scoutmaster.  All other rank requirements may be signed-off ONLY by the Scoutmaster, an Assistant Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader (of at least First Class Rank), Instructor and Troop Guide, but siblings may not sign off on each other.  An adult leader may not sign off for their son, other than for witnessing attendance or acknowledging tracking logs. Signing off should be done promptly after completion of the requirement (within 30 days), or credit may be denied.

Scouts ready for a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review must call or speak directly with the Scoutmaster a week before an Advancement Night to request one.  Absent pre-approval from the Scoutmaster, Scouts MUST be in full Class A uniform (with sash for Scouts First Class and above) for any Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review. See our Uniform, Books & Gear page for more info. 

A Board of Review is comprised of non-leader adults unrelated to the Scout. Participation in a BOR is a way for us, as the Troop 71 community, to ensure that the Scouts (instructed by youth leadership under adult supervision and guidance) are getting the most they can out of the scouting program, have satisfactorily met the individual requirements for a rank, foster positive relationships with both peers and adults, and are looking to improve themselves and the community around them by living the Scout Oath and Law.

(The links below open to the soon to be replaced rank requirements.)

 Scout  Tenderfoot  Second Class  First Class
 Star  Life  Eagle  Eagle Palms