Scoutmaster 101

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Greater NY Council (Alpine, TMR):

  • Reserve both campsites at Christopher Morley Park for Webelos camping trip in middle October weekend.  Put maximum occupants on the form.  Advise Troop 97.  Keep permit.
  • Hold summer camp planning meeting for last minute MB changes and to set up tenting and patrols; use forms for that purpose.
  • Distribute last MBs and ranks so clear until after summer camp.
  • Attend summer camp and recharge
  • Plan annual Troop calendar: Review district and council calendars, school calendars; hold committee meeting for this purpose; ask people to bring their school calendars (or do yourself and send to people to review draft and check); put PLCs in middle of month so time to prepare for following month; put advancement night towards end; avoid advancements in December and June; Scouts start to burn out in May, so keep June meetings light; last meeting outdoor BBQ and fun on field; distribute last MBs and ranks so clear until after summer camp.
  • Hold in-troop training for new Senior Patrol; PowerPoint presentation with lunch.
  • Circulate annual calendar; remind that can change
  • Solicit/collect applications for positions of responsibility; recommend setting August deadline to submit to teach responsibility and allow time for SM/SPL to review and approve.