Summer Camp "Dos" & "Don'ts"

We went through all this stuff during the pre-visit meetings but I guess we need to reinforce or sometimes do a show and tell.

Parents buying wrong mosquito netting

Parents buying massive foot lockers

One kid showed up with a cooler of food.  Wrong!

Electronics: Kids texting parents to obtain support/nurturing or to work out issues instead of speaking to their patrol leader, aspls and spl.... Or adult leaders.  Electronics are bad.

Make sure the parents and kids know that we'll take away knives if we see someone using it improperly.

Prior to camp explain blue cards vs new frontier (no blue cards but they take attendance which is important for advancement) all scouts have same schedule, how to fill out a blue card.

Hand out the blue cards Monday night of camp instead of Sunday night.

Reinforce need for new scouts to stick together.

New parents can figure out post cards if they want.

All kids are required to stay the entire week unless there is an extreme case. Don't come otherwise.

Some parents hung mosquito netting entirely wrong.  Wrapped it around the top and bottom bunks not allowing proper installation of dowels.

I see a lot of kids without backpacks.

I spoke to a few kids who couldn't find something and they told me their MOMs packed for them.

New kids rarely had a schedule printed out upon arrival or they lost it.

Watches.  Kids don't know what time it is.