“The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”
                                                                                - Robert Baden-Powell

February 3, 2014
My sincerest compliments to Dinner Chair Diane Boyadjian and all those who helped make our Annual Troop Dinner so special.  And thanks to everyone for joining the festivities and "Circling Up" for Paul Savage's wonderful closing Scout prayer.

Congrats to our newest Scouts for coming aboard and those who earned ranks, merit badges and Order of the Arrow membership.

And, of course, best wishes to our Honoree George Cox for his outstanding service as Scoutmaster for "one hour a week".  But, we will hold him to his promise of sticking around as Assistant SM!  

Troop 71 is so fortunate to have such great Scouts, supportive families and dedicated leaders.  See you soon.

Yours In Scouting,
Chris Simone

January 13, 2014
What a great time the Scouts and parents had at (the newly renovated) Greenkill!  Despite the damp weather, the boys enjoyed indoor basketball, dodgeball and rock climbing, not to mention video games and chair jousting!

Thanks to Mr. Maass for organizing the event, Senior Patrol Leader Jimmy R. for keeping Scouts and activities running, Chef Alfred P. - and his sous chefs Andrew P. and Alexander B. - for the outstanding feast of chicken & sausage jambalaya and venison, antelope and beef stews, Jack R. for the sweet apple spice and peach dump cakes and all those who participated in the solemn flag retirement ceremony.

A resounding "Bully!" to all!

Yours In Scouting,
Chris Simone

December 22, 2013
Our next Court of Honor is January 31, 2014 as part of our Annual Troop Dinner, where I expect many Scouts to receive merit badges and "rank up". 
As you know, this event requires Class A uniforms with sashes.  To insure that all uniforms are complete and current in time for the Court of Honor, at our January Troop meetings we will be performing uniform inspections.

During the inspection we will advise the Scouts of any deficiencies in their uniform that need correcting.  The most common of these are the lack of, or incorrect, rank patches, shoulder epaulets and unit designations.  Sashes should also be up to date with merit badges. For "uniformity" and to keep with T71 tradition, neckerchiefs are to be worn over, not under, the shirt collar.

Rank advancement Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review will be held at the January 23rd Troop meeting.  Full Class A uniforms are required for these conferences/reviews.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  This will likely be the last opportunity to finalize rank advancements in time for the Court of Honor, so "be prepared" with complete uniforms.

Information on what constitutes a proper uniform and where missing items can be purchased is available on our website's "Uniforms, Books & Gear" page.

I am alerting everyone to this now so uniforms can be addressed over the holiday break before inspections start (hint hint). Perhaps in this way inspections will be quick and all Scouts will pass with flying colors on the first go around.

Thanks very much.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Yours In Scouting,
Chris Simone

November 24, 2013
Dear All:
Just a quick email to let you know I have officially taken over the reigns as Scoutmaster of Troop 71.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to lead such a great group of Scouts and I look forward to working with our adult and Scout leaders on the continued delivery of a robust and exciting program.  (And if I can be half the Scoutmaster George was, we'll be in good shape!)

My contact information, including home and cell numbers, is on the website here, along with our other leaders.  Simply click a name to email.  If we've never met, please feel free to introduce yourself to me at a Troop meeting. 

Going forward, please use this email address to reach me for Troop-related issues.  Many of you have other email addresses for me, but for organizational purposes I'd like to steer emails here.

Lastly, please frequent our website (www.plandometroop71.com), especially the What's Up page, as it is regularly updated with information for Scouts and parents, and enjoy our Facebook page.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours In Scouting,
Chris Simone

November 4, 2013
Dear All,
It's been a wonderful experience being scoutmaster and I really appreciate all your help and support.  
However, both of my children are approaching college age and are involved in numerous activities, so it behooves me to take a step back.

As many of you already know, Mr. Simone will be our new scoutmaster.  He will taking over this December.   
Mr. Simone has already made tremendous contributions to our troop.  He has been our adult leader at TMR's Camp Aquehonga, has created our facebook page, and wonderfully recreated our website.  Troop 71 is in very capable hands going forward, and I am looking forward to serving as an assistant scoutmaster.

Last Month I had the pleasure of attending the Marching Bands competition at Manhasset High School.  Many of our Scouts who were in the Manhasset Marching Band and are now attending their first year of college were there and came over to talk to me. They were so excited about their lives and new experiences at college, what fine young men they have become.  Of course, this is not surprising, scouting has been successfully taking boys and help shaping them into fine young men for over a 100 years.  What is surprising is the wonderful friendships I have made with, not only these young men, but with other scouts, adult leaders and parents as well.

Plandome Boy Scout Troop 71 is a very special place. Thank You for letting me serve as your scoutmaster!

Yours in Scouting,

August 31, 2013
Dear All, 

What a terrific Summer for Troop 71; two Summer Camps and the High Adventure Trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I would like to thank you for your support in making this such a successful summer. 

Yours in Scouting,
George W. Cox
Scoutmaster Troop 71