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SM Points Status

  • 2 Points each to Flying Pigs and Venture Patrol for great Maine Video by Alex B. and Ryan C.
  • 1 Point to Venture Patrol for being thankful for SM
  • Wood Splitting: 2 Points to Senior Patrol, 1 Point to Windex Patrol, 4 Points to Flying Pigs Patrol

Make a Patrol Flag

Worth 5 Scoutmaster points (no flag = minus 10 points for that Patrol). Will be judged on creativity, quality, appearance, teamwork and compliance. 

  • flag no larger than 2 feet by 3 feet of material attachable to a wood or aluminum pole
  • must be made by Patrol members (not bought/commercially made)
  • must indicate at least Troop number and Patrol name
  • must be appropriate as per your leaders' standards for any Scouting event
Khaki Campfire


Your Patrol is stranded in the woods.  The sun is down, the temperature is dropping and to avoid freezing and starving you must build a fire for warmth and cooking. Your Patrol has emptied their pockets into a brown paper bag found on the trail, along with some other items you picked up along the way while practicing Leave No Trace.


Collect wood from the area and build a self-sustaining fire to thoroughly cook the only hot dog you have.


1. Only Scouts properly attired with warm clothing AND a headlamp or flashlight may participate.

2. You must work as a Patrol and act according to the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

3. When collecting wood or leaving the fire ring, you MUST always use the buddy system and only two Scouts at a time may leave the fire ring to collect wood.

4. Take only downed wood from the grassy area.  Any Patrol that goes into the flower beds or bushes or damages live vegetation will be disqualified.

5. To start your fire, you may use ONLY the items supplied to you or items you were told to bring.  No other personal items are allowed. Only the Patrol Leader may use a pocketknife/multi-tool.

6. You must finish the assignment within 30 minutes of the start signal.

1 SM POINT: for each Patrol that builds a self-sustaining fire.
3 SM POINTS: for the first Patrol to bring a cooked hot dog to the SM so he can sample it first to assure it's cooked through and 1 SM point for each Patrol that does so after that. 
BONUS .5 SM POINT: for a toasted hot dog bun.
Points may be lost for deviating from the Rules.