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Patrol Leaders/Troop Guides/Senior Patrol:

The BSA theme for February is Cultural Awareness.  As our Chaplain Aide explained recently, at our 2/26 Troop meeting we will be holding an Interfaith Service with songs and prayers from every faith/culture in our Troop.  EACH PATROL is responsible for submitting TWO PRAYERS -- one generally on Faith/Reverence and the other on the particular Scout Law assigned below.

With respect to the "Faith/Reverence" prayer, Patrol Leaders must confer with their patrol members and determine their religion/culture, and then submit a prayer for each.  The same goes for Troop Guides and the Senior Patrol. As the Troop is predominantly Roman Catholic, if you have three or more religions in your patrol including RC, I suggest using non RC prayers because we will have plenty of RC prayers in the service.  Remember, the goal is to have prayers from every religion in the Troop represented.  

At the service, each Patrol/group will read its prayers.  If you want to submit a prayer in another language (for example, Hebrew), that would be great, but submit an English translation with it.

The assigned second prayer, which may be original compositions by the Patrol, are as follows:

Andrew Patrol: Prayer about Trustworthiness
Pie Patrol: Prayer about Loyalty
Banana Patrol: Prayer about Helpfulness
Sea Pigs Patrol: Prayer about Friendliness
Dylan Shelley Patrol: Prayer about Courtesy
Swag Patrol: Prayer about Kindness
Italian Patrol: Prayer about Obedience
SWA Venture Patrol: Prayer about Cheerfulness
Senior Patrol: Prayer about Thriftiness
Troop Guides: Prayer about Braveness
Adult Leaders: Prayer about Cleanliness

The prayers must be emailed to me and Thomas McGreal no later than 2/6.

Please take this assignment seriously and make your contributions meaningful.  I look forward to your diverse, cultural creativity.  Thank you.

Our next Patrol Leaders' Council will be 
Sunday, February 15th from 6:15 - 7:45 pm at Plandome Village Hall. The agenda will be to plan the March Troop Meetings. Scouts who hold the following positions must attend:

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant SPL
Patrol Leader (or Asst PL if PL unavailable)
Troop Guide

ASMs are welcome too (RSVP please).  Pizza will be served. Civilian clothing permitted. 

The theme for March is Wildlife Management.  Scouts MUST come prepared with ideas for the March Troop meetings' activities, skill practice, contests, games, etc (Google it!), whether related to the theme or not.  

KNOT CONTEST (1/15/15): for SM Points - each Patrol will be asked to make three of the knots on our "Scouts are KNOT Smart" page, but won't know which three until the meeting.

BODACIOUS, AWESOME HAT CONTEST: Exactly that!  Each Scout should wear a bodacious, awesome hat to the January 8, 2015 Troop meeting and earn SM points through judging by the Senior Patrol.  Wear your kookiest/wildest hat!

PATROL CONTEST: Make a Patrol Flag. Worth 5 Scoutmaster points (no flag = minus 5 points for that Patrol).  Will be judged on creativity, quality, appearance and compliance. 

  • flag no larger than 20 inches by 30 inches attached to a wood or aluminum pole no longer than 5 feet
  • must be made by Patrol members (not commercially manufactured or purchased)
  • may not be worked on (but can be discussed) at Troop meetings
  • must have at least Troop number and Patrol name
  • must be appropriate (by your adult leaders' standards) for any Scouting event
  • must be presented at the 11/6 Troop meeting
On 11/6, six out of eight Patrols presented their flags, which will be judged on 11/13.

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