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Scouts should check this page often for messages from the Scoutmaster,
important information and leadership resources.

There will be no PLC meeting in May.  We will cover June meetings without a PLC.

Our next Patrol Leaders' Council (Green Bar Meeting) will be Sunday, April 23 from 6:15 - 7:00 pm at Plandome Village Hall. The agenda will be to plan the May Troop Meetings. Scouts who hold the following positions must attend:

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant SPL
Patrol Leader (or Asst. PL if PL unavailable)
Troop Guide
Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster (JASM)

(ASMs attending please RSVP).  Pizza will be served. Civilian clothing permitted. 

Scouts MUST come prepared with ideas for the Troop meetings' activities, skill practice, contests, games, guest speakers, etc. (Google it!).  The theme for May is Orienteering.  

One SM Point to the first Patrol that brings the SM a Fresca soda.

One SM Point to all Patrols that bring an appropriate religious item for the Interfaith Service altar. 

SPL and ASPL applications are due to the Scoutmaster no later than the first April Troop Meeting.

The first five Scouts to bring the Scoutmaster a box of toothpicks at the Annual Dinner will be called up to the buffet line first.

The first five Scouts to bring the Scoutmaster a few toothpicks at the Annual Dinner will be called up to the buffet line first.


1. We will regularly take attendance of Scouts during Patrol Reports. This will be factored into the Scout's "active" participation for purposes of rank advancement. 

2. Use of smartphones and similar devices at ALL Troop functions and activities will be limited to note-taking, reference and research in a Scout context/for Troop business. Any other use (games, texting, email, etc.) is prohibited.  Abuse of this privilege will result in the phone being confiscated until the end of the event.  (Without banning them completely, I'm trying to avoid the pattern from last year where Scouts would disappear from meetings to go upstairs, downstairs or outside, or huddled around at various events, to engage with their phones.  This disrupts the functioning of the event and, of course, is disrespectful to the leaders and other Scouts attending.)

Scouts seeking a Position of Responsibility (required for Star and Life Ranks) MUST submit their completed applications no later than September 3rd to be considered for a position.  (The date of the application and the Scout's rank may be a factor when more than one Scout apply for the same job.)  Scouts should fill out and sign their own application.  

Applications should be emailed/mailed to the Scoutmaster or left in his mailbox at 38 Marino Avenue, Port Washington, 11050.  (He will confirm when received.)

Applications are available on our Positions of Responsibility page.

BULLY! to the Andrew Patrol on winning first place by racking up 21.45 Scoutmaster points during the year with the Patrol Contests!  Andrew Patrol members who were not at the last meeting should contact the SM before the first meeting in September to claim your prizes.

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