Troop Meeting Agendas Archive

February 4, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Space Donuts
  • First Aid MB Scouts finish badge with Mrs. O'Brien (bring blue cards)
  • First Aid Presentation - Banana Patrol (20 mins)
  • Work on Ranks (Troop Guides/Instructors)
  • Patrols hand in two prayers
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Annual Dinner Prep
January 28, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Plandome
  • OA Elections (20 mins) - OA Scouts wear OA sash
  • Activity: Morse Code - Space Donuts (20 mins) OR Skills: Set up tent in rain - Marshmallow Patrol (15 mins)
  • Triple Test - SPL (20 mins)
  • Game: Tug of War - What Are Those Patrol (10 mins)
  • Hand in outstanding completed blue cards for COH recognition
  • Collect for Valentines for Vets
January 21, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Flaming Penguins
  • Sled Design on Paper - every Patrol (20 mins)
  • Work on Ranks - Troop Guides/Instructors/Den Chiefs (20 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings (7 mins)
  • Submit OA nomination (see SM with your updated handbook)
  • Advancement Night (full Class A with sash for First Class and above)
  • Hand in Annual Dinner RSVPs
  • Collect for Valentines for Vets
January 14, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Banana
  • OA Presentation - OA Rep Polizzotto (5 mins)
  • Path To Eagle Presentation (for Scouts & Parents): Mr. Savage
  • Collect for Valentines for Vets
January 7, 2016
  • Service Patrol: What Are Those
  • Activity: Skits - all Patrols must perform at least one 2-min skit well (20 min)
  • Skills: Knots (Taut Line Hitch and Sheet Bend) - Instructors & Troop Guides (20 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Game: Red Rover - Flaming Penguins Patrol (7 mins)
  • Hand in permission slips and payment for Greenkill (LAST CHANCE)
  • Collect for Valentines for Vets
December 17, 2015

 TROOP 71 HOLIDAY PARTY!   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

Retro theme Holiday Party with games from the past -- knock/table hockey, Nintendo, board games, ping pong and many others!  This "battery-free" setting - the brainchild of George Cox - is always a blast and we will be adding some new games.
  • Like prior years, we ask each Scout attending to bring a beverage and/or treat for everyone to share - e.g. large bottle of soda, large bag of chips, cookies, cake, holiday goodies, etc., or preferably a sampling of something more substantial so as to avoid an excessive amount of sweets.  Feel free to embrace diversity with some home-cooked, favorite family or cultural dishes. (No peanuts or tree nuts please.)
  • Class A uniforms required (uniform inspection beforehand).
  • Webelos from Packs 3 and 101 will be our guests.
DO A GOOD TURN: For the homeless who will be facing a cold winter season, we will be collecting new or gently used warm socks (lg), warm gloves (med-lg), warm hats and scarves.


December 10, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Venture
  • Skits: All Patrols must perform one skit (at least 2 mins) WELL (25 mins)
  • Plan the Ideal Camping Trip (all Patrols - 30 mins)
  • Mandatory Philmont meeting (7:45 upstairs)
  • Game: Ninja
(Due to low attendance, Scouts not at Philmont meeting played games)

December 3, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Flaming Penguins
  • Court of Honor
  • Khaki Campfire Competition: Patrols will compete against time and each other for points in this fire-building competition.  This activity will take place outside on the field.  To participate, Scouts must "be prepared" with warm/proper attire AND a headlamp or flashlight.
  • Patrol Meetings (discuss skits for next week)
  • Pay Troop Dues
  • Hand in NYC Day Hike Permission Slip
November 19, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Banana
  • Stock Report (M. Reilly)
  • Bill Making: Patrols Finish & Present Their Bills (20 mins)
  • Work on Tenderfoot rank (Instructors) & Second Class rank (Troop Guides)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Game: Tug o' War (7 mins)
  • PAY TROOP DUES (check (no cash) payable to "BSA Troop 71")
  • Advancement Night (NOTE: Only those Scouts with paid dues may advance.) We need at least three adults (six would be better) for Board of Review.
November 12, 2015
  • Service Patrol: What Are Those
  • Bill Making Set Up/Design: Venture Patrol (15 mins)
  • Skills Practice - Knots and Lashings: Instructors (30 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins - discuss skit for next week)
  • Game: Red Rover (10 mins)
  • Collect Troop Dues
November 5, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Space Donuts
  • Financial Market Speaker: K. Connors (15 mins)
  • Stock Market Exchange Game: Flaming Penguins Patrol (25 mins)
  • Leave No Trace Presentation: LNT Trainer (7 mins)
  • Harriman Packing/Cooking (SPL)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Distribute West Point Tix
  • Collect Troop Dues & Popcorn Order Forms
October 29, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Marshmallow
  • Discuss Harriman Trip and collect permission slips (parents, please indicate on slip if attending and make/model/year of vehicle)
  • Patrol Flag Contest: Present Patrol flags or -10 SM points (10 mins)
  • Troop Guides work with Scouts on Tenderfoot Rank
  • 2-Min Science Experiments (15 mins): Each Patrol bring in and demonstrate your favorite two-min science experiment
  • Straw Bridge: What Are Those Patrol / Egg in Bottle Experiment: Marshmallow Patrol
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
October 22, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Space Donuts (handled by Plandome)
  • Science Trivia: Venture Patrol (30 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings: finalize flag design (10 mins)
  • Advancement Night - need at least three adults for Board of Review
  • Collect Harriman permission slips (parents, please indicate on slip if attending and make/model/year of vehicle)
October 15, 2015
  • Service Patrol: What Are Those?
  • Guest Speaker: Sandy Krigel will talk about his 20+ years' experience as a United States Air Force pilot.  Sandy is a native Long Islander and does consulting for a major network in aircraft accident investigation. All are welcome to join us as we learn about aviation from a hero.
  • Hand in payment for West Point Scout Day ($25/ticket)
October 8, 2015
  • Service Patrol: Plandome
  • Popcorn Sales Kick-Off
  • Cable Car Building Experiment: Space Donuts Patrol (40 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings - discuss flag contest (10 mins)
  • Troop Guides/Instructors meet with Webelos to discuss CMP camping
  • Parents Meeting - 7:30 upstairs
Scouts in a Position of Responsibility and APLs who have NOT yet received their job patch, should see the SPL for it.  Your uniform is not complete without the correct patch.  Last reminder.  Thanks

October 1, 2015 - MEETING STARTS AT 7:15
  • Service Patrol: Venture (please arrive by 6:45 pm to set up chairs)
  • Court of Honor: Swearing-In, Merit Badges, Ranks & Wood Badge Beading Ceremony (Scouts should wear full Class A uniform with sashes)
September 24, 2015
  • Debrief on summer camps/Sea Base
  • Work on Scout & Tenderfoot Ranks
  • Patrol Meetings (15 mins) - discuss Patrol flag design
  • Instructors, Den Chiefs, OA Rep, Quartermaster, Scribe, LNT Trainer & Chaplain Aide meet with SPL & SM
  • Discuss menu for Schiff with SM
September 17, 2015
  • Hand out job patches
  • Ax sharpening demonstration
  • Patrol Meetings
  • Troop Guides/Instructors work on Scout & Tenderfoot Ranks
  • Collect permission slips/payments for Schiff camping trip
  • Advancement Night - We need at least six parents for Boards of Review. 
September 10, 2014
  • Elect Patrol Leaders (from those who supplied application), form Patrols (name and yell) and appoint APLs
  • Assign Troop Guides (draw names to narrow down to three) & other positions
  • Debrief on Summer Camps/Sea Base
  • Collect for the 6-101 in Afghanistan