Calendars, Agendas & Themes


2017-2018 Full Troop Calendar

Troop Meeting Agenda (Archive):

December 7, 2017
  • Service Patrol: Venture
  • Opening Ceremony/Patrol Reports (5 mins)
  • Hobby Night: bring in your hobby - each Patrol must participate (15 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Morse Code - Flying Chacos Tacos Patrol (15 mins)
  • Update/Work on Rank Requirements (15 mins)
  • Game: Steal the Bacon (10 mins)
  • SM Minute/Closing Ceremony
  • Holiday Toy Drive - Please bring an unwrapped toy
December 14, 2017
  • Service Patrol: Flying Pigs
  • Opening Ceremony/Patrol Reports (5 mins)
  • Order of the Arrow Elections (20 mins)
  • Patrol Flag Design - Click HERE for Rules -- each Patrol must participate and bring what they need (20 mins)
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Update/Work on Rank Requirements (15 mins)
  • Game: Zulu Ball Toss (10 mins)
  • SM Minute/Closing Ceremony
  • Holiday Toy Drive - Please bring an unwrapped toy
December 21, 2017

TROOP 71 HOLIDAY PARTY!   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  
  • Retro theme Holiday Party with games from the past -- knock/table hockey, Nintendo, board games, ping pong and many others!  This "battery-free" setting - the brainchild of George Cox - is always a blast.
  • Like prior years, we ask each Scout attending to bring a beverage and/or treat for everyone to share - e.g. case of water, large bottle of soda, large bag of chips, cookies, cake, holiday goodies, etc., or preferably a sampling of a non-dessert dish.  Feel free to embrace diversity with some home-cooked, favorite family or cultural dishes. (No peanuts or tree nuts please.)  PLEASE KEEP YOUR OFFERING REASONABLY SIZED TO AVOID EXCESSIVE SURPLUS BY THE END OF THE PARTY.  SINCE EVERYONE IS BRINGING SOMETHING, THERE IS ALWAYS PLENTY.  THANKS
  • Class A uniforms required (uniform inspection upon entry)
  • Webelos from Packs 3 and 101 will be our guests.

Patrol Meetings should always include a discussion of important issues learned at the PLC and figuring out what activities/skills etc the Patrol will cover, and how, for its upcoming Troop meeting responsibilities.  The Patrol Leader must report this information to the Senior Patrol Leader at the end of the Patrol meeting for planning purposes.

Monthly Meeting Themes:

January: Snowboarding & Skiing
February: First Aid
March: Citizenship
April: Climbing & Rappelling
May: Fitness & Nutrition
June: Scuba Diving
July: Ethics
August: Caving
September: Nature & Environment
October: Geocaching
November: Spectator Sports
December: Cooking
January: Sustainability
February: Science
March: Backpacking
April: Communication
May: Orienteering
June: Pioneering
July: Camping
August: Technology
September: Community Service
October: Citizenship
November: First Aid
December: Do A Good Deed