Calendars, Agendas & Themes


2015-2016 Full Troop Calendar

Troop Meeting Agenda (Archive):

February 4, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Space Donuts
  • First Aid MB Scouts finish badge with Mrs. O'Brien (bring blue cards)
  • First Aid Presentation - Banana Patrol (20 mins)
  • Work on Ranks (Troop Guides/Instructors)
  • Patrols hand in two prayers
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Annual Dinner Prep
February 11, 2016
  • Service Patrol: What Are Those
  • First Aid MB Scouts finish badge with Mrs. O'Brien (bring blue cards)
  • Stretcher Relays - Flaming Penguins Patrol (20 mins)
  • Bluenose Presentation - Space Donuts (10 mins)
  • Triple Test - SPL (20)
  • Skills - Knots
  • Patrol Meetings (5 mins)
  • Game - Steal the Bacon
February 25, 2016
  • Service Patrol: Banana
  • First Aid MB Scouts finish badge with Mrs. O'Brien (bring blue cards)
  • Manhasset-Lakeville FD Presentation
  • Interfaith Worship Service (start at 8:15)

Patrol Meetings should always include a discussion of important issues learned at the PLC and figuring out what activities/skills etc the Patrol will cover, and how, for its upcoming Troop meeting responsibilities.  The Patrol Leader must report this information to the Senior Patrol Leader at the end of the Patrol meeting for planning purposes.
NOTE: Due to a Plandome FD training course upstairs every Thursday through March, parking at the Village Hall will be tight.  Please be careful when dropping off Scouts as there may be additional traffic.  Keep the downstairs noise to a minimum and avoid going upstairs so we don't disturb our neighbors.  Thanks

Monthly Meeting Themes:

January: Snowboarding & Skiing
February: First Aid
March: Citizenship
April: Climbing & Rappelling
May: Fitness & Nutrition
June: Scuba Diving
July: Ethics
August: Caving
September: Nature & Environment
October: Geocaching
November: Spectator Sports
December: Cooking
January: Public Service
February: Cultural Awareness
March: Wildlife Management
April: Camping
May: Emergency Preparedness
June: Health Care
July: Boating/Canoeing
August: Safety
September: Nature
October: Science
November: Financial Management
December: Outdoor Ethics