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2014-2015 Full Troop Calendar

Troop Meeting Agenda (Archive):

December 18, 2014: 7:00-8:45

  • Retro theme Holiday Party with games from the past -- knock/table hockey, Nintendo, board games, ping pong and many others!  This "battery-free" setting - the brainchild of George Cox - is always a blast and we will be adding some new games.
  • Like last year, we ask each Scout attending to bring a beverage and/or treat for everyone to share - e.g. large bottles of soda, large bags of chips, cookies, cake, holiday goodies, etc., or especially/preferably a sampling of something more substantial.  Last year we had an excessive amount of sweets, so we should try to balance out.  Let's embrace diversity with some home-cooked, favorite family or cultural dishes. (No peanuts or tree nuts please.)
  • Class A uniforms required
  • Webelos from Packs 3 and 101 will be our guests

Monthly Meeting Themes:

January: Public Service
February: Cultural Awareness
March: Wildlife Management
April: Camping
May: Emergency Preparedness
June: Health Care
July: Boating/Canoeing
August: Safety
September: Nature
October: Business
November: First Aid
December: Winter Camping
January: Wilderness Survival
February: Communications
March: Pioneering
April: Environment
May: Orienteering
June: Mechanics
July: Hiking
August: Shooting
September: Sports
October: Engineering
November: High Adventure
December: Tracking